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The TECNO Spark 9 Pro is the Shiny new addition to the Spark series by TECNO. Finally, we have a USB C port that we have been asking for from TECNO. The phone has a stunning design and it has to be one of the best-designed phones of 2022. It […]

The TECNO Spark 9 Pro is the Shiny new addition to the Spark series by TECNO. Finally, we have a USB C port that we have been asking for from TECNO. The phone has a stunning design and it has to be one of the best-designed phones of 2022. It is priced at 99,000 naira which places it in a competitive position. It also comes with some stand-out features like a 50-megapixel main camera and a 32-megapixel selfie camera. There are two variants that include a 4/128GB version and a 6/128GB version. The phone has memory fusion that allows you to expand the RAM. Today we are writing a detailed TECNO Spark 9 Pro review

It is the first TECNO smartphone to run on Android 12 and HiOS 8. In this review, we are going to share everything that is there to know about the TECNO Spark 9 Pro. The Review is divided into sections for you to better understand the phone. Let’s take a deep dive and find out more about the Spark 9 Pro.

TECNO Spark 9 Pro Review – Should You Buy?

TECNO Spark 9 Pro Unboxing

In a World where smartphone boxes are shrinking, because of environmental concerns, the Spark 9 Pro begs to differ. The Spark 9 Pro is wrapped in an orange and white colored box and opening the box you get to see the Spark 9 Pro first placed at the top and the device is wrapped with a plastic material with the Spark 9 Pro major specs written on the plastic material covering the device. This box is completely different if you have seen the box of the Spark 8. But if you have the Tecno Spark 9T you can see the similarities in the packaging. Here are the contents of the box;

  • The Spark 9 Pro Smartphone
  • 18 Watts Charger
  • Earpiece
  • Plastic Case
  • Sim Ejector Tool
  • USB C Cable
  • Screen Protector Applied on the Display

TECNO Spark 9 Pro Review – Design and Build Quality

tecno spark 9 pro review

The TECNO Spark 9 Pro is well designed and built. It has a finish that looks unique, and it also separates itself from other designs around its price range. The phone’s back case is made of plastic. It has a sort of double tone finish at the back, with the upper part having a glossy plastic finish. The bottom has a matte finish that makes it more comfortable to hold in the hand. We have the frames made out of plastic and on the right side, we have the unlock key which also doubles as the fingerprint scanner. It is fast, responsive, and easy to reach. For the first time, we have a USB C port on a TECNO Spark Series phone which is pleasing to see. The phone also comes with a headphone port which is starting to disappear on budget phones nowadays.

There is a speaker that is loud enough also at the bottom and a microphone for calls. The left side of the frame holds the Sim card tray. The Spark 9 Pro supports two 4G sim cards and a 256GB SD card. There is a speaker for calls just above the notch and also a Notification LED light beside the speaker. The design will be appealing to a lot of GenZ out there. There are two camera rings at the back housing the three cameras, we will talk more about the cameras later on. The camera cut-out makes the phone stand out in terms of design. We have the “TECNO Spark”, and “Stop at nothing” written on the top and bottom right of the phone respectively.

TECNO Spark 9 Pro – Display


The display is sized moderately at 6.6 inches, the resolution is FullHD+ and it is very sharp in brightness and contrast. I enjoyed watching contents on YouTube with the display, I also enjoyed playing games. It was fast and responsive while scrolling through various social media apps as well.

This TECNO Spark 9 Pro review won’t make sense without paying attention to the display. The biggest deal breaker for some people might be the lack of a high refresh rate. Personally, I wouldn’t mind using the display without a high refresh rate. Smartphones within this price all come with a high refresh rate, and having it here would have been nice. The phone has an IPS LCD display but it is very bright under direct sunlight. You will also see that the bezels and chin have been shrunk a bit. We have a notched design but it is somewhat different from the regular notch we are used to seeing. Overall the display is great to use with no problems.

TECNO Spark 9 Review – Software & Performance

The Spark 9 Pro runs on Android 12, and it is one of the first TECNO phones to run on Android 12. It is also one of the earliest phones to come with the HiOs 8.6. It comes with memory fusion which lets you expand your RAM using free storage space on the phone. There are unwanted apps and ads on the phone interface, but I think has reduced the adverts compared to older operating systems.

Some of the apps can be removed and others disabled. It will cut down the number of adverts on the notification shade. The phone comes with a lot of customization features including dark mode, and theme store. There are fun features in the special Function menu in the phone settings which also enables users to clone apps. Android 12 also lets you know in case any phone is using your camera or microphone with a tiny green dot on the top right corner of the phone. The Software is stable, and I hope there will be an Android update on the Spark 9 Pro.

In terms of performance, we have the Mediatek helio G85 as the chipset powering the Spark 9 Pro. It is the common chipset we are used to at this price, so we are familiar with the performance.  The chipset was manufactured using a 12-nanometer processor, it also has 8 cores in total. We have the Mali-G52 handling graphics performance. You will be able to run demanding games on the phone but not at the best graphics settings. Casual usage is very okay as well as multi-tasking. Performance is a key reason why consumers buy phones, so we had to explain the aspect better in our TECNO spark 9 Pro review.

TECNO Spark 9 Pro Camera Review

The Spark Series is not known for camera power, but the Spark 9 Pro is changing that narrative. We have three cameras at the back that consists if a 50MP main camera, a 2MP depth lens, and a QVGA. TECNO also added a 32MP selfie camera to make this best in class for selfies. The camera is going to attract a lot of young people because of its AI features.

There are also Animoji and Emojis that you can use to spice up photos. Other camera app features include portrait lens, short video, beauty, google lens, and AI cam. The Super night mode makes images at night look great. I also love the portrait selfie, especially the depth and blur you get when you snap. If you like to snap and use images on social media then the cameras will not disappoint you especially when you snap in good lighting conditions. You can record videos with the front and back cameras in 720p, 1080p, and 2k.

Some images were taken with the Tecno Spark 9 Pro

TECNO Spark 9 Pro Battery Test

There is a non-removable 5000mAh battery inside the Spark 9 Pro you can easily get two days battery if you are a casual user. The screen on time is around 9 hours but it depends on your usage. TECNO also added an 18W fast charger inside the box of the Spark 9 pro, it takes about two and a half hour to charge from zero to hundred. The battery is absolutely one of the best features of the spark 9 pro.

Final Take on Spark 9 PRO

If you want a selfie phone on a budget then look no further. The Spark 9 pro has an amazing design and fantastic camera with a lot of features. If you buy the device you will definitely stand out among your peers because of its design. The chipset is efficient for gaming to some extents and we have a 5000mAh battery that last a whole day. If you check there are minor things drawing the phone back, it is also priced fairly in my opinion. That’s all for the TECNO Spark 9 Pro review, if you have any question ask them below.

Tecno Mobile Has Something Awesome for you to check out


Have you been waiting for the TECNO Camon 19 and Spark 9? Here is some good news. The long wait for the Spark 9 and Camon 19 is over. After months of waiting, TECNO has announced that the Spark 9 and Camon 19 are now available at authorized TECNO stores.

When you buy the TECNO Spark 9 or Camon 19 you get:

  • An instant gift(headset).
  • 180 days broken screen warranty.
  • 13 months’ phone warranty.
  • Easybuy: Pay as low as N22,999 down payment and a daily payment of N399 for 6 months.
  • And many more incentives.

Hurry now to the authorized TECNO store near you and get your TECNO Spark 9 or Camon 19 devices today!

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