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Finding out a reliable web hosting service is not so easy especially when the level of competition is too high in the market. One needs to look forward to various resources to find out the best one. Today we are going to provide an honest review of one of the […]

Finding out a reliable web hosting service is not so easy especially when the level of competition is too high in the market. One needs to look forward to various resources to find out the best one. Today we are going to provide an honest review of one of the leading website hosting services and that is HostNamaste.

When we talk about one of the finest web hosting services, HostNamaste is the name that will lead up the list with a few others. It is one of the finest web hosting services that have enabled users to enjoy reliable web hosting services at affordable pricing. Being launched in March 2018, this company have achieved on a steep growth. HostNamaste is currently being used by millions of websites and deployed servers. Reliability and affordability are the two major factors that have contributed a lot to the success of this wonderful platform.

HostNamaste has provided users a better platform to work on. Right from enjoying maximum uptime to get access over various parts of the world, there are a lot of things that makes it best among various ones. HostNamaste is a cheap Windows VPS company that has changed the aspects of web hosting to millions of users globally. This HostNamaste review will help you in getting an idea of why this wonderful platform has gone so viral these days. So, just explore the world of HostNamaste with some amazing facts about it.

Reasons why we should opt for HostNamaste

If you are going to explore the world, of HostNamaste, lets’ get familiar with the reasons why actually to opt for it instead of various others being present in the market.

Guaranteed Maximum Uptime

Maximum uptime is what people expect from a web hosting service. Uptime reflects the way your web hosting service is available. Websites with lower uptime are quite hard to track online that puts on a negative impact on your business as well. HostNamaste ensures users to have guaranteed maximum uptime. Users don’t need to pay out any extra charges to get guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

Free SSL Certification

The hostname takes care of its customer’s needs. This web hosting service is being designed to provide users absolute security and ensuring that you can get free SSL certification.

Instant account setup

The best thing about HostNamaste is that one doesn’t need to wait too long for activating the services over here. The account will get immediately set up once you have made on the successful payments.

Instant activation

HostNamaste is well known for providing an easy to navigate interface. Users are free to get access over it with just a few clicks regardless of the fact whether you are technically sound or not.

No migration fees

Migrating from one hosting solution to another is not an easy task. And the situation gets quite hurting when you are being asked for the migration charges. HostNamaste is well designed to fulfill various customer’s needs. Users are not being charged here for simply migrating from one hosting platform to another.

Best customer support

Purchasing perfect web hosting services is not only the limit but one needs to look forward to its customer support as well. After all, you have to deal with it later on as well. Customers are HostNamste priority and it takes very well care of it also. Users are being served with the best solutions 24*7 without having any issues.

Global presence

HostNamaste is well known for its global presence. This web hosting services really not associated with a particular location only but the services can be easily enjoyed from five different geographical locations of the world without any hassle.

Affordable Pricing

HostNamaste is one of the most reliable and affordable website hosting services. One doesn’t need to pay out any extra charges to enjoy the versatility of services being served here with high-quality labeling.

Services being offered at HostNamaste

HostNamaste is the way to enjoy a wide range of services at affordable pricing. It is the way to extract the best VPS services and dedicated servers with absolute high-end services. The different VPS services and Dedicated servers being present at HostNamaste are:

Virtual Private Server

HostNamaste is well known for providing fast and reliable VPS hosting services both for website applications and websites as well. HostNamaste is well known for providing versatility of services and different VPS services being provided here are:


Being powered by powerful Xeon hardware processors, it is one of the leading VPS services that make it quite easier for users to enable instant server setup. Controls are being made easier here and people are free to enjoy services over more than 50 operating systems. OpenVZ VPS is the way to improve the performance of your website and also ensures users have guaranteed maximum uptime at affordable pricing.

KVM VPS Hosting – It is one of the fastest VPS services across the globe

Windows VPS – It is the fastest and cheapest Windows VPS hosting services in the world. The platform provides easy server setup and maximum uptime.

VPS Resource Pool – It ensures users have multiple VPS services just from a single VPS reseller panel.

Fully Managed VPS – Users are free to enjoy customized server names here with absolute security.

Dedicated Servers

HostNamaste provides a way to enjoy high quality dedicated servers to the users. One can easily enjoy maximum personalization, easy configuration and extreme flexibility here with maximum uptime. Different types of dedicated servers being provided at HostNamaste are:

Budget Dedicated Servers – These servers are well known for providing high-end services with extreme stability and reliability at affordable pricing.

Hybrid Smart Servers – These servers serve as a greater resource for eCommerce stores and web applications and ensure users get the easy setup just within 24 hours of processing.


HostNamaste is one of the leading emerging cheap Windows VPS company that has made it quite easier for the users to enjoy a wide range of quality services at affordable pricing. Maximum uptime, high speed, fast integration, and wonderful customer care services are some of the best features of this web hosting services.

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