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NMIMS launches UG course in Computer Engineering

Ella Castle

Published: Updated On – 10:48 PM, Thu – 28 July 22 Hyderabad: NMIMS School of Technology Management and Engineering (STME) on Thursday announced the launch of undergraduate programmes in Computer Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science) at its Jadcherla campus, Telangana. The comprehensive four-year BTech programme in Computer […]

Hiding Secrets Using Quantum Entanglement

Ella Castle

July 27, 2022• Physics 15, 116 Three experiments demonstrate the key elements of a quantum cryptographic scheme that predictions indicate should be unhackable, bringing the promise of quantum encryption technologies a step closer to reality. W. Z. Liu and C. Wu/University of Science and Technology of China Device-independent quantum key […]

‘Bekey Changed My Life’ – USC Viterbi

Ella Castle

Bekey, professor emeritus of computer science, electrical engineering and biomedical engineering, is considered one of the fathers of modern robotics (PHOTO CREDIT: USC Viterbi) I’ve been writing all kinds of stories for USC Viterbi for six years now. Stories about impactful research and major awards. About new hires and new […]

The Borg of the Gargoyles

Ella Castle

In Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel Snow Crash, the Central Intelligence Corporation—the result of a merger between the Library of Congress and the CIA—employs a number of people who remain continuously connected to the Metaverse. These grotesque characters, who Stephenson calls “gargoyles,” wear computer components on their heads and bodies and serve […]

Bale Cutters Market Statistics | Focus On Estimation, Research and Future Growth by 2031 | Taiwan News

Ella Castle

Latest Update: Which Industry Is Most Profitable? The Bale Cutters market Likely to provide excellent returns among top industries and worldwide right now that are on track to become the most profitable. Report Highlights The market report Bale Cutters provides a comprehensive overview of key elements including drivers, limitations, historical trends, current trends, technical […]

Best Laptop 2022 – IGN

Ella Castle

For everyone except PC gamers, the words “computer” and “laptop” have become synonymous today. Laptops are the essential computing device for everyone and every household, and there are different types that are best for specific use cases. With collective decades worth of experience reviewing and testing laptops, we’ve gathered the […]

Apple MacBook Air M2 review: Semi-pro

Ella Castle

Take Apple’s latest laptop out of the box and it doesn’t immediately scream, “I’m a MacBook Air.” Ditching the well-worn, wedge-shaped design the line has embraced for so long for a more uniform body shape, you might look at it and see a “MacBook Pro Mini.” Or maybe this could […]